Mark David Overholser

1645 9th Avenue SE #283

Albany, Oregon 97322


OBJECTIVE: A career position as a software/network engineer.

Good programmer with an in-depth knowledge of C, various Assembly, BASIC, FORTRAN, and Paradox. Learning C++, Powerbuilder, and SQL. Good experience with diagnostics, setup, configuration, and usage of networks (LAN's), Operating Systems, printers, disk drives, memory, and peripherals in general.

Offer strong communication & interpersonal skills and proven strengths in teaching and training. Wide exposure to various hardware and software systems in many different field situations.


Chemeketa Community College, 1993

160 Credits of coursework in Computer Science and Engineering. Computer Science coursework includes Systems Analysis and Design, Team Factors, and Programming Languages (C, COBOL, and Assembler.) Engineering coursework includes circuit design, trouble-shooting, and circuit theory.


C and C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, SQL Assembly: Z80, M6502, i80x86, 8051 Family, ATMEL Tiny 26, PIC 12F, 16F and 18F

Windows Paradox 3.5 & 4.0 Crystal Reports 6.0, Visual BASIC 6.0


Borland 3.1/ C++ Borland Turbo Debugger

Brief/Codewright 4.00 AmiPro 3.01, Word Perfect 5.1

Microsoft Word 6.0/95/97 Microsoft Excel 5.0/95/97

Liant RM-COBOL85 FlexGen 4.2a/5.3a


S5R4, SCO & Sun UNIX, OS/2 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, Lan Server 2.0, WSeB 4.5, PC/MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups 3.x, Windows 95/98/ME/NT Workstation 3.5/4.0, 2000 Professional, Win XP, Windows NT Server 3.5/4.0, CP/M, Novell Netware 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, ISIS, Artisoft Lantastic, IBM 370/DOS with ICCF, and OS "guests" under VM.


Micros: A wide variety of PC compatibles, Macintosh, and Amiga systems

Minis: Data General, Convergent Technologies, Intel, NCR 3400/S26

Mainframes: IBM System/370 4341 and 4381

Embedded: Echelon LONWorks processors, PC104 Systems


UNIX: Skilled with UNIX usage and protocols.

Hardware: Diagnostics, setup and maintenance of: PC's, network equipment,

and peripherals. Analog and digital repair.

EXPERIENCE Mark D. Overholser

SILVERLEAF ELECTRONICS. INC., Albany , Oregon December 2001-Present

Engineering Technician

Work with a small team doing Testing, Trouble-Shooting, Debugging, Code Maintenance, New Development and ALL LEVELS of Technical Support of SilverLeaf's Hardware and Software Monitoring and Control systems, which are integrated into various Recreational Vehicles. Documented and Developed Testing Procedures of SilverLeaf Electronics' Proprietary Hardware, and laid a framework for developing an Automated Testing system of SilverLeaf Electronics' Proprietary Hardware. Documented and Developed Technician Documentation and End-User Documentation of SilverLeaf Electronics' Monitoring and Control systems. Provide Technical Support at OEM's site, at SilverLeaf's site, at the End-Users site, and by Phone, e-Mail, and Web based forum. Hardware experience includes Multi-Node Communications over RS-232, J1708/J1587(RS-485), and CAN. Development Tools include Borland C/C++ 4.5/5.02, Paradigm C/C++, Keil and GCC Tool Chain. PageMaker 7.0, Acrobat Distiller 5.0, Open Office 1.x, 2.x and 3.x

COUNTRY COACH. INC., Junction City, Oregon June 2001-September 2001

Software Engineer

Worked with the Electrical Engineering Section doing Testing, Debugging, Maintenance, and Development with Echelon LONWorks Nodes in Neuron ‘C’, which were integrated in Country Coach’s Proprietary Hardware. Documented Testing Procedures of Country Coach’s Proprietary Hardware, and laid a framework for developing an Automated Testing system of Country Coach’s Proprietary Hardware. Started learning Visual Basic for support of other Country Coach systems. Worked with Echelon’s Node Builder, Lon Maker, Neuron ‘C’ with LONWorks SNVT’s and Visual Basic software. Worked with Country Coach’s Proprietary Hardware, with Echelon FTT-10 Network Modules, and Intel based PC104 systems.

MORSE BROS. INC., Tangent, Oregon December 1997-April 2001

Computer Programmer

Worked in the Lebanon, Oregon Administrative Office doing Maintenance and Development on NCR System 3430 with System 5 Release 4, Version 3.0 UNIX within I-Shell, an ITX type environment. Applications are written and maintained in Liant RM-COBOL85 with some Applications written in FlexGen 5.3, a 4GL development system that creates RM-COBOL Source Code. Applications that are maintained are in the Business Areas of Pay Roll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Job Costing for Construction and Manufacturing, General Ledger, and Maintenance Utilities for the Morse Bros Business System. Helping with Year 2000 Conversion and Migration to New NCR-S26 System. Helped in interfacing Morse Bros Business System to "off the shelf" Redi-Mix Truck Location Tracking and Inventory Ticketing System developed by Command Data Systems built on Oracle, as well as helped in interfacing a similar "off the shelf" Sand and Gravel Truck Inventory Ticketing System developed by Seltec/BMG built on Paradox. Used Crystal Reports 6.0 with both systems for custom reports. Help with Network Trouble Shooting and Personal Computer questions, including Windows 95/98/NT/2K, Microsoft Office 95/97.

NORTHWEST SOFTWARE INC., Beaverton, Oregon October 1995-May 1997

Software Engineer

Worked on-site at Intel Corporation doing Maintenance and Development on Middle-Ware applications, interfacing an "off the shelf" Manufacturing Requirement Planning (MRP) System to "in house" developed Sales Order, Engineering, and Floor Inventory Control Systems. Middle-Ware applications include Downloading Work Order, Partmaster and Labeling Information to the Floor Inventory Control System, Back Flushing MRP Parts Database for use is a Repetitive Environment, and Maintenance Utilities for MRP Databases. The Middle-ware application is written in C, with imbedded Btrieve, and Scaleable SQL calls. Is executed under MS-DOS, with Novell Netware requester installed for Scaleable SQL/Bitreve and Lan Work Place installed for TCP/IP access, on Intel based hardware..

TRIAD TECHNOLOGY GROUP, Tigard, Oregon September 1994-October 1995

PC-Hardware/Software Technician

Worked on-site at various Oregon Department of Transportation locations doing Hardware and Software upgrades including IBM Desk Tops and Lap Tops, SCSI Hard Drive upgrades, NIC (IBM Token Ring), PCMCIA Modems and Xircom NIC's., Attachmate Extra, Microsoft Office, DOS, Windows 3.1, OS/2 2.11, Trouble shooting driver setups and memory problems, and customer training.

ENTEX INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Portland, Oregon May 1994 - August 1994

PC-Hardware/Software Technician

Worked on-site at Intel Corporation doing Hardware and Software upgrades including Hard Drive upgrades (both IDE and SCSI), NIC (Intel, 3Com, SMC), PCMCIA Modems and Xircom NIC's., Word 6.0a, Excel 5.0, Project 3.0, Powerpoint 3.0, Network driver upgrades for Banyan, Novell VLM's, TCP/IP, Trouble shooting driver setups and memory problems, customer and training.

TECHNIFLEX, Vancouver, Washington June 1993 - February 1994

Senior Software Engineer

Worked with a team to write a structured newspaper publishing package. Programmed both in C, C++, and Postscript. Worked primarily with Borland 3.1 DOS/Windows IDE and with Turbo Debugger. Wrote a first-rate DLL, a parser, and fixed bugs. Also was solely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the computers and the LAN. Evaluated and purchased new hardware and software.


Computer Instructor and Tutor

Taught a non-credit workshop entitled "The Home Computer Workshop." The workshop included an overview of computer hardware & software, word processing, and the purchasing of home computers. Assisted students in programming and debugging programs. Answered questions regarding programming in C, Pascal, COBOL, Assembler, and various database languages. Taught application software including databases, spreadsheets, and word processors. Taught as a substitute for two classes on "computer applications and usage" offered through Chemeketa. My in-depth knowledge of the multiple subjects was greatly appreciated.

K-SQUARED COMPUTER SERVICES February 1992 - September 1992


Wrote a real-estate package for large Realtor using Paradox 3.5 for tracking sales status and escrow information. Installed IBM compatible hardware, software, and networks for clients. Wrote Terminal Program to emulate the TeleVideo 955 with enhancements in Turbo C 2.00 for General Contractor's usage in normal daily operations.

AGRIPAC INC., Salem Or (Seasonal) June 1986 - June 1993

Cannery Worker

Flow Control Floor Leader duties included: Overseeing, teaching and managing 10 to 18 personnel, controlling flow of product through freezer tunnels, checked equipment for proper operation, performed repairs when needed, called for assistance from mechanics when needed. Line Helper duties included: Proper setting of shears for removal of Product, watched equipment for proper operation, performed repairs when needed, called for assistance from mechanics when needed. Hammermill Attendant duties included: Checked outgoing belts for jam ups, belt breakage, cleaning of Hammermill, repair of Drag boards. Clean Up duties included: Keeping an area clean and clear of Corn husks, cleared jam ups, washed up area during lunch. French Slicer Attendant duties included: Watching equipment for proper operation, cleared jam ups.



Actively do sales, installation and troubleshooting of various IBM compatible personal computers. Make Recommendations of Hardware and Software upgrades and new installs. Instruct computer users in the use and maintenance of PC systems.


Virtues: Orderly, professional, always polite, always helpful, full of information, pleasant to work with.

Personal Interests: Keeping up with Current Technology. Play bass guitar. Spend time with the family. Amateur Photographer.